1. FAQ


CRMTiger Mobile App

Why I have to download and install the extension?

Your CRMTiger app needs to connect to your vTiger CRM and our extension does that.

Is it really free?

Yes! CRMTiger Mobile App for vTiger is Free to all. It’s our promise that it will remain free forever.
Although we have added some advance premium features available at low monthly subscription price

Is my data secure?

CRMTiger app connects directly to your vTiger CRM. Your CRM is as secure as you keep it.

I have lots of customization in my vTiger CRM , will it work with CRMTiger App?

Partly yes, it depends on what kind of customization you have done. In some cases it might not be able to show some data but if mobile app is very important for your business, we can help. Get in touch with our support@crmtiger.com

Can I use “CRM Settings” from mobile app?

No, not currently. The current version is aimed to help people from your business team when they are on move. We will definitely add this in future.