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Customize Record Display Fields

leads-display-fieldThis feature allows users to customize record field display order based on the information priority user would like to set in record as required.






  • In the lead module, Go to settings , to change display fields.
  • In Display fields users can select from the drop down list for the First field, Second field, Third field .

Allow module access
Admin users are allowed to change the primary order of users record display fields,
for ex. Set First Field like First Name, Phone number, company … in record information display , likewise set Second FieldThird Field.

The Display field settings are accessible using the following path :

  • Go To Settings > Other Settings > CTMobile Settings > General Settings > Fields Configuration.
  • Refer Display Fields Configuration.
  • Select the module such as leads, contacts, organization, calendar, etc..
  • Select User admin would like to change display field order.
  • Select for First fields, Second fields, Third fields for display order and save.
Updated on October 1, 2021

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