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Daily Attendance – Start / End Shift

For On-field Users to show a presence and record a log of their daily shift duration with Start Shift and End Shift, Shift feature has been introduced to Users.

Admin Settings – To make Shift features visible to Users, Admin users have access to Enable/Disable Attendance(Shift Management) using premium features management.

Premium features management settings are accessible from the following path.

  • Go To Settings > Other Settings > CTMobile Settings
  • Refer Meeting & Attendance > Attendance(Shift management)
  • To Enable/Disable Shift for Users Turn On/OFF Attendance(Shift Management)

feature as below.
premium-features-management (1)

Access to Mobile Apps user

How does it work?

Start-Shift: When users click on Start Shift while starting with work shift. It will capture start time and location of the user.


End-Shift: When users click on End Shift while ending a work shift. It will capture the end time and location of the user.




This feature helps Admin users and end users to maintain accurate shift attendance reports with total spent time on tasks/routes.

Updated on May 3, 2023

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