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Daily Attendance – Start / End Shift

For On-field Users to show a presence and record a log of their daily shift duration with Start Shift and End Shift, Shift feature has been introduced to Users.

Admin Settings – To make Shift features visible to Users, Admin users have access to Enable/Disable Attendance(Shift Management) using premium features management.

Premium features management settings are accessible from the following path.

  • Go To Settings > Other Settings > CTMobile Settings
  • Refer Meeting & Attendance > Attendance(Shift management)
  • To Enable/Disable Shift for Users Turn On/OFF Attendance(Shift Management)

feature as below.

premium-features-management (1)

Access to Mobile Apps user
How does it work?

Start-Shift: When users click on Start Shift while starting with work shift. It will capture start time and location of the user.




End-Shift: When users click on End Shift while ending a work shift. It will capture the end time and location of the user.




home-start-shiftThis feature helps Admin users and end users to maintain accurate shift attendance reports with total spent time on tasks/routes.






Updated on October 1, 2021

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