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How to use vTiger Google Contacts ?


Google Contact extensions allow each user to set up their own Google Contact Configuration to Sync Contacts from vTiger to Google and vice versa.


  • Admin can configure the Credentials, Add Settings for Sync Contacts and also be able to select Users for which they want to allow Sync from vTiger to Google and vice versa.
  • Users are able to see the Log of Sync Contacts.

How to Sync Google Contacts with vTiger?

1. In the CRM Menu Page → Click on Sales → Click GoogleOffice365Suite Link.
Dashboard2.  Once Google Office365 Suite Page opens, It’ll look as shown in the below screenshot. If users want to use Google then need to click on the Google Sign In Button.
3. Once a user clicks on the “Sign In” Button, it’ll redirect to the Google Login Page.
4. It’ll ask permission to allow sync Contacts/Events from vTiger to Google and vice versa.
google_login_2_25. After allowing Google Contact/Calendar to sync and click on continue, It’ll look like the below screenshot.

Steps to Sync Google contacts with vTiger


If the User Clicks on the Sync Contacts, it’ll look like the Screenshot below.


  1. It shows Google Login user Email.
  2. It shows the default selected Google Contact Group.
  3. It displays the vTiger Login User as Default selected.
  4. Display List of Contacts Group from Google which will be used to sync Contacts of vTiger against respected Contact Group.
  5. It shows all CRM Users.


  1. By Default , the Leads module is selected. You can see in the above screenshots.
  2. Mandatory fields showing by default.
  3. You can add more field mapping by clicking on the ‘Add Mapping’ Button.

After Configuring all details in Google Contact Settings, it’ll redirect to the below screenshot where you can see the manual and auto sync option for Contacts vTiger to Google and vice versa.

  1. It shows sync buttons for Google Contact manual sync.
  2. It shows disabled because Event Settings aren’t saved.
  3. When you click on ‘Enable Contact Sync’, it enables the auto-sync process for contact and also shows Batch Size and Minutes dropdown .
    • Batch Size: Select the size of the Batch means it’ll sync the amount/size of the data mentioned in the Batch Size at a single time.
    • Minutes: Select the Minutes used for the Scheduler for the trigger. Minutes Interval allows schedulers to process data from/to the vTiger/Google system bidirectional to avoid performance issues in your vTiger System.


  1. Above Configuration/Settings are the same for Google Calendar.
  2. When you click on one of the manual sync buttons without enabling contact or calendar sync then your default batch size is 100.

Below screenshots shows some notes and a log table which is showing details of last 10 sync data contains Module Name, Sync Time, Number of record sync from Google/Vtiger and type of sync (auto/manual). For more sync data you can review on click of ‘View Sync Log’ which is given at top of the page.

vTiger Contacts Sync to Google Contact

Create a Record in the vTiger Contact/Leads/Organization like the below screenshot.


After creating Contact in vTiger you have to click on “Sync from vTiger”.
sync_1After Syncing data, you can see in Google Contact the Contact is synced in the selected contact label successfully.
sync_2Once the Sync Process is Completed, you can see the Log Table & It looks like the screenshot below.


Also, you can see sync records in CTGoogleOffice365SuiteLog “Sync Log” where you can see the number of records Created and Updated & Deleted.


Google Contacts Sync to vTiger

Create Contact in Google Contact like the below screenshot.


Once Contact is created in Google Contact, Go to the Google Contacts sync settings page for sync Contact. Once a user clicks on “Sync To vTiger”, it will look like the below screenshot.


Once the record is synced, you can see that record in vTiger Contacts Module like in the below screenshot.


Also, you can see sync records in the Log table & GoogleOffice365Suite “Sync Log”.



How to manage Automatic Sync from Scheduler ?

For Automatic Sync of Contact, 2 Schedulers are available in the CRM Settings->AUTOMATION->Scheduler as shown in the below screenshot once the GoogleOffrice365Suite Plugin installs.

Note: For Sync Contacts automatically using Scheduler, you need to set up vTiger Cron on Server.


Overview on How to Sync Google Contacts with vTiger Contacts?

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Updated on July 26, 2023

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