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How to use vTiger Office365 Contacts ?

Overview :

Office365 Extensions allow each user to set up their own Office365 Contacts Configuration to Sync contacts from vTiger to Office365 and vice versa.

Features :

  • Admin can configure the Credentials, Add Settings for Sync Contacts and also be able to select Users for which they want to allow Sync from vTiger to office365 and vice versa.
  • Non-admin users can only configure their Settings for Contacts & Sync Data
  • Users are able to see the Log of Sync Contacts.

How to use vTiger Office365 Contacts ?

1. In the CRM Menu Page → Click on Sales → Click Google Office365 Suite.

2. Once Google Office365 Suite Page opens, It’ll look like as shown in the below screenshot & click on the Office365 Contacts.
Office365 or Google Services
3. After clicking on Office365 Contacts, the screen below will open.

  • Authentication Configuration : Configure the Credentials of Outlook for Sync Data.
  • Generate Token : Generate the Token of the Outlook User and Configure the Module Settings
  • Sync Outlook Contacts : Do the Manual Sync Process and Configure the Automatic Sync.

Note : Step 2 & 3 will be disabled until Step 1 will be configured.
Configure Outlook Contacts
4. In Step 1 Authentication Configuration, Needs to configure Client Id, Client Secret, Tenant Id, Redirect URL, Username and Password. Once you save the details, it looks like the screenshot below.
Configure Outlook Contacts-1 All these details can be obtained from azure.com & users need to login with Microsoft Credentials. After logging, the screen below will appear.
From the left side by clicking three lines, you will see the screen below. For getting all details, click on “Azure Active Directory”.
Azure active directory After clicking Azure Active Directory, you will get the display as below screen from where you can get Tenant ID and for other information click on Applications.
crmtiger teck llp overview Once you click on the Applications, you will be able to see all the applications owned by you. You have to select any of the applications which you want to configure.
app registration After clicking that application, you will see a page like below where you have to click on Client Credentials.
office365 contacts If you want to create a Client Secret then you have to click on the “New Client Secret” Button . Once you click on it, Client Secret is created and visible for the first time only so you need to copy that Client Secret in Safe Place.
office365 contacts certificates For the Redirect URL, click on Application ID URI.
office365 contacts-1 After clicking Application ID URI, this page will be displayed on the screen. Click on Add a Platform Button to create a Redirect URL.
office365 contacts authentication After clicking on the button, you will get the page below from where you can add an Application URI.
office365 contacts Expose an API
5. After getting all the details and configured in the Authentication Configuration Step, Click on the Step 2 Generate Token.
google office365 suite
6. After clicking on Step 2 Generate Token, you will get a screen like below.
outlook contact setting In the above screen, User needs to click on the “Here” Link. Once a user clicks on it, open the Microsoft Login Page where needs to enter the Login Credentials.
Sign in
After Successful Login, Users will be able to see the Setting Page of the Outlook Contacts .

7. In Setting Page, If the user wants to Revoke the token then click on the Revoke Link and Generate new one by Click on the “Here” Link.
outlook contact total status If you don’t want to Delete Contacts from Outlook and vTiger while the sync process is ongoing if Contact is deleted then select appropriate dropdown and save the configuration like below.
outlook in vtiger setting Select the particular Contact Group of Google Contacts to & from which you want to sync the Contacts. You can select one Group at a time.
outlook sync with vtiger
Below screenshot shows all the users of the vTiger and select the users for which you want to sync the Records.
sync to outlook
Users also need to map the fields between vTiger Module and Outlook through the below screen.

Select the Module
Select the Module Filter
Map the Fields
mapping configuration
outlook contact
outlook add mapping
8. After configured all the things of Step2, Go to Step 3 Sync Outlook Contacts.
sync outlook contact 9. Once the user clicks on the Step 3 Sync Outlook Contacts, it’ll open the screen like below.

Batch Size : It means enter the size of the Records which you want to sync at a time. Once you click on Sync to vTiger or Sync to Outlook, it’s considered the Batch Size and rest of the records will be sync in background through Scheduler.
Enter Minutes : It’s Interval Time of Scheduler for each trigger.
Trigger the Sync Automatically : If the checkbox is checked then only the background process will run after Manual Sync.
Sync All Contacts : If this radio button is selected then all the contacts will sync from vTiger to Outlook.
Sync From Date to Sync Contacts : If this radio button is selected then contacts will be considered from the date which you selected for sync from vTiger to Outlook.
View Sync Logs : Once a user click on it, redirect to the Log Page of the Google Office365 Suite.
sync manually
Sync contact from vTiger to Outlook
In below screenshot there is one contact in display list which you can sync to Outlook.
This is step 3 where you have to click on sync to outlook and after clicking you will get the results in outlook.
As per the screenshot you can see the contact is synced to Outlook.
Here you can check the log of synced contact which will be considered as a new entry so here you can see ‘Insert’ in action column.

Sync Data From Outlook to contact
Here you can see one contact in outlook display which will be synced to the vTiger contact module.
Here , For syncing Contacts from Outlook to vTiger ,you have to select Sync to vTiger.
After clicking on sync to vTiger you can see in Contact module in vTiger the contact is successfully synced.
Here you can see in logs , the entry is considered as new for vTiger contact so ‘insert’ is displayed in action column.

Updated on January 19, 2023

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