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Send/receive messages

Send/Receive message from record

  • Click on module > GoTo Record List > Open record in view There is an option to view “WhatsApp” icon, click on icon to open WhatsApp conversation with contact
  • Clicking on the WhatsApp icon will open the Chat window to communicate between the contact and user.
  • Through WhatsApp integration you can send,
    • Text messages
    • Files,Images (Upto limited Size based on our file upload limit)
    • WhatsApp Template
    • Voice (Recording) Message
      • You can pause and delete the Voice (Recording) Message before sending.
  • You can communicate with customers only if the phone number entered in the record must be a WhatsApp number of the customer. Also “WhatsApp # field” specified correctly in “WhatsApp configuration” settings
  • “WhatsApp” uses numbers with country code so please follow the instructions mentioned in the “WhatsApp configuration” section about country code.

Send/Receive message from Timeline view

General Feature

New Messages

  • New messages in the WhatsApp Global messages area list all unread messages either from “unknown number” or “existing contact records”
  • Global WhatsApp messaging has the same option as sending/receiving message to individual records

Important messages

  • Important feature helps you to quickly access your WhatsApp contact which is important.
  • You can manage to move any contact under Important by simply click on Star icon to move contact under Important contact.

Message from unknown number

  • Unknown numbers” in WhatsApp Global messages area list all messages from “unknown number” not stored as a records in CRM
  • Unknown numbers” messaging section has same option as sending/receiving message to individual records
  • From Unknown number there is an option to Create new customer record or update “Unknown number” to existing record in vTiger.

Group messages

    • WhatsApp Group inside vTiger Allows you to Copy all Group’s participants to CRM , download participants of the group.
    • WhatsApp Messages (Per Subscriber) will store Group to WhatsApp Log Master
    • Display List of member of a group and total number of members in group
    • Click on “Save” will create either leads or contact from Group’s contact
    • Click on Refresh button will retrieve the Latest Group for Selected WhatsApp Number
    • Click on Refresh icon will update Latest Information of list of member, and name of group member for Selected WhatsApp Group
    • Click on Download icon will download All group’s number in CSV file including name and number

Create Related record from WhatsApp messages

      • Allow user to create Related record from message window of WhatsApp

Convert Chat to Manual / Robotic Mode.

      • Click on this will stop automatic conversation from Bot.
      • Click on this will stop automatic conversation from Bot.

Preview Record.

      • Click on this will preview record detail.

Edit Record

      • Users can edit contact from the Timeline View.

Load past conversations (Max upto 7 days)

      • Click on this button user can able to load past messages maximum upto 50 messages from the last 7 days.
      • Past messages will be displayed based on messages received on web.whatsapp.com interface, if no messages are available there, then it will not retrieve messages here. Please use load more/scroll option in web.whatsapp.com for particular contact before you use load history to retrieve messages.

Reply Message

      • Users can reply to that message by clicking on the reply icon.

Copy Message

      • Users can copy that message by clicking on the copy icon.

Copy text to any fields of Contacts

      • Click on this icon, and the user can Copy the message and save it to any fields of the record.


Create Task

      • Users can create tasks based on that message.

Search Contact in Timeline

      • Users can search contact by Number and Name of the Contact in Timeline View.

Modules messaging


      • ”Module list” in WhatsApp Timeline view area user can send/receive message against record of modules, enabled from WhatsApp Configuration in CRM
      • “Module based” messaging section has the same option as sending/receiving message to individual records along with option to manage record too.

Quick Action

      • Quick action in timeline view allow you to quickly access various options of WhatsApp Integration for vTiger
          • Send WhatsApp Message
          • WhatsApp Template
          • Setup WhatsApp Workflow
          • WhatsApp Messages Logs
          • WhatsApp Messages (Per Subscriber)
          • Load Past Message History
          • Auto Responder Text
          • Analytics
          • WhatsApp Bot
          • Setup WhatsApp(Settings)


Send WhatsApp Message

    • It provides a facility to send WhatsApp messages on unknown or unsaved contacts. And also we can send messages from any number which are connected with one QR code.
    • Also we can attach files, photos, videos etc. by these features.
Updated on October 12, 2023

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