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Setup WhatsApp Workflow

  • WhatsApp workflow allows sending Automated WhatsApp messages on the trigger event of any module link with the WhatsApp module.
  • wamsg5

  • Automated WhatsApp messages sent to an Individual WhatsApp number or to the Group associated with a selected WhatsApp number.
    • Select “From number” to send WhatsApp from the selected WhatsApp number if more than one number is registered in the WhatsApp extension.
    • Select “Send WhatsApp to Recipient” to send a WhatsApp message to record.
    • Select “Send WhatsApp to Group” to send a WhatsApp message to the group associated with the WhatsApp number.
  • The WhatsApp workflow can configure the whatsapp messages to whom we want to send individually or in a group, whatsapp templates to share files or message format, general field, add fields and message.
Updated on May 5, 2023

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