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Mobile App installation guide for vTiger 7.x/8.x

Install VTiger Extension

  • Download zip file by clicking on Link which you’ve received in Email
  • Follow below steps to Install Extension in CRM based on Version
  • Login using Admin Credential
  • Menu > Settings > CRM Settings > Module Management > Modules > Import Module

from Zip > Select zip file & check checkbox > Click Import > Accept the license Agreement > Import Now

check (1)image12

How to Configure CRMTiger Mobile Apps ?


  • GoTO  Menu > Settings > Other Settings > CTMobile Settings
  • Click on Setup License Key 
  • Enter the License key provided to you via email after you place an order.
  • After the license key has been validated. Click here to see more configuration for various sections/features of mobile Apps from admin 



Updated on May 8, 2024

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