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Mobile App installation guide for vTiger 7.x


2. Install VTiger Extension

3. Configuration


We are Technology Consulting company with expertise on Enterprise Softwares offering Development, Integration, Business Process Management and Implementation with Training.

CRMTiger team is expert to provide different types of the service related to vTiger® CRM. following is the services we offered to the trusted customers.

CRM Tiger offers

● Customization for vTiger®
● Migration for vTiger®
● Support
● Implementation/Deployment of vTiger®
● Integration of vTiger® with Telephony,Accounting,E-Marketing etc.. applications

We passionately enjoy helping Startups and MSMEs to Market leaders and Large Corporates in making themTech Enabled

Install VTiger Extension

1. Download zip file by clicking on Link which you’ve received in Email
2. Follow below steps to Install Extension in CRM based on Version
3. Login using Admin Credential
4. Menu > Settings > CRM Settings > Module Management > Modules > Import Module
from Zip > Select zip file & check checkbox > Click Import > Accept the license Agreement > Import Now

How to Install CRMTiger Mobile Apps


Google Map settings in CRMTiger Apps for vTiger

Click on below button for get more help of this feature




Updated on January 20, 2020

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