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On-field end users can view the nearby leads, organizations, or contacts for the user to follow a route plan with respect to the user’s current geo location.

Admin Settings – End Users can only use Nearby feature when admin allows it, Admin users have access to Enable/Disable Nearby using premium features management.

Premium features management settings are accessible from the following path.

  • Go To Settings > Other Settings > CTMobile Settings
  • Refer GEO tracking & Configuration > Nearby Customer
  • To Enable/Disable Nearby feature for Users Turn On/OFF Nearby Customer

feature as below.


How does it work?

Whenever an end user will access Nearby features, it will help users to get aligned with his/her nearby leads to plan follow-ups/visit in a better way.

This gives you map views of nearby leads, contacts, organization, calendar.


Radius in Nearby

This feature allows end users to filter out the leads, contacts, organization or calendar in specific radius/area.

The radius will be Miles or Kilometer.

Updated on May 3, 2023

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