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Record Options

This option allows users to perform few functions such as Edit, Share, Duplicate, Convert, Call and many more.summary-option

To access the lead options click on the lead-option-access on the right top corner of the Lead summary page. The following are the options users will

1. Edit – allows users to edit lead information.

2. Duplicate – allows users to duplicate the record.

3. Convert Lead – allows users to transfer lead to contact/opportunity/organization.

4. Call – Users can approach over a call directly using this option.

5. Message – allows users to leave a message to the individual lead.

6. Whatsapp – allows users to approach lead on whatsapp to the individual lead.create-shortcut
– It will lead to a pop-up form. Add    Shortcut Name and save.

7. Shortcuts – for quick access this option allows users to add shortcuts of an individual lead on the home screen.

– Click on the shortcut option to create a shortcut.

– It will lead to a pop-up form. Add Shortcut Name and save.

Updated on October 1, 2021

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