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How to access Route Planner from Administration ?

Route planner gives control to admin users to build the user list who can access assigned routes.

Route planner configuration settings are accessible using the following path :

  • Go To Other Settings > CTMobile Settings > General Settings > Route Planner Configuration
  •  Add users to be considered in route planner.
  •  Distance of Route can be considered in miles/kilometers from the admin settings.
  • Turn ON/OFF the Route planner configuration to enable/disable for users to access route planner.

Create Route – Team Head

This feature allows Admin Team head to create routes using this feature for team members. The following are the steps.

  • Go to Route Planner
  • Select date of a route.
  • Click on create route at right bottom
  • Select modules of Route such as leads,contacts, organizations etc…
  • Select one or multiple routes from the modules
  • Proceed further by click on Create Route button
  • Select team members or groups to be assigned to.
  • Add route title.
  • Assign Route.







Follow Assigned Route – User/Team member

  • Assigned Route users will be able to see their route planner in terms of list of leads/contacts or organization/opportunity.
  • Direction to the route has been given to ease the user’s follow up.







  • Narrow down to get leads/opportunities in specific areas/radius using Radius in miles from the list.








Check-in – Check-out

  • With each route,when a salesperson checks-in to start the shift.
  • As starts with the route, status of task is required to be updated from Select Status that is In Progress.
  • On completion of visit/service, to end the shift , the salesperson clicks on the check-out.
  • Update the status to Completed at the end of shift.
  • Total working hours will be counted automatically.
  • The process is repeated for each route to be followed by the salesperson.
Updated on October 1, 2021

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