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How to setup template for WhatsApp Business ?

Overview :

WhatsApp Business Template helps users to create/manage whatsapp business templates to send template messages using our extension.

Features :

  • You can add a message template in a specific language when creating a template.
  • You can create templates with the “Marketing” or “Utility” category.
  • You can create templates with various text, media, and interactive components, based on your business needs.
  • You can also see Template Message Preview.
  • When you send template create requests, Facebook immediately validates its category using Templates Guidelines.

Create WhatsApp Business Template

Users can create a WhatsApp Business Template in two ways.

  1. Facebook Developer page
  2. Whatsapp Business Create Template page

How to create WhatsApp Business Template from Facebook Developer page?

  • User have to go and login to the  developer’s Facebook page3-install-vtiger-extension-8
  • Once you login the page click on My App
  • Once you click on My App the page will look like below screenshot, Click on your vTiger App
  • Once user click on vtiger app it will redirect to the App Dashboard, user have to click on WhatsApp in the sidebar > API Setup
  • Once user click on vtiger API setup it will take user to the API setup page, scroll down to step 2 – To create your own message template click here
  • After clicking on the link, it will open the page displaying a list of the created templates.
  • Click on create template button
  • User have to select the category, name and language of the Creating template
  • After selecting the category and language, and entering the template name, the ‘Continue’ button will be enabled, and the user will have to click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • After the user clicks on ‘continue,’ they will be taken to the following page where they can add a header, body, footer, and buttons to the template.
  • Users can also preview how the message will be displayed. And at last By clicking the ‘submit’ button, the template will be created
  • Once the template is created, it will be submitted to Facebook for approval, and users can view the status of the created template on the list page under the ‘Status’ column.
  • Once the template is approved by facebook, Template will automatically sync to the CRM WhatsApp Business Template  list
  • How to create a WhatsApp Business Template from CRM?
    • CRMTiger offers two types of template for WhatsApp Business Integration
    • Regular Template
      • Regular template used to send template messages to contacts in which conversations have been established.
      • You can send any templates with text, media or video to promote your business / services / products to contacts to their WhatsApp number.
    • WhatsApp Business Template
      • WhatsApp Business template used to send template messages to contacts in which conversations have not been established. It means you’ve to first approve templates with WhatsApp and it will take 1-5 days time by WhatsApp to approve templates.
      • Once Template has been approved by WhatsApp then only you can send template messages to unknown contacts.

Some of the steps of setting up WhatsApp Business template

How to setup WhatsApp Business Template ?

  1. To create WhatsApp Business Template click on “+ Add WhatsApp Templates” button as shown in below screenshot.
  2. Click on “WhatsApp Template Approved by Facebook” widget as shown in below screenshot.
  3. Enter all details as shown in the below screenshot.
    • Template Name: Enter the template name with lowercase, numbers, and underscores.
    • Category: Select template category.
    • Language: Select template specific language.
    • Broadcast Title:
      Headers are optional components that appear at the top of template messages.

      • Header Type:  Select header type for template.
        • If you select Header Type TEXT then Enter the Header Text & you can also add the one variable in the header.
        • If you select Header Type Media then you can select Media Type like, (Image/Document/Video) & attach media.
    • Body:  Add body text with variables. To Add Variable in body click on “+ Add Variable” button.
    • Footer: Enter Footer text. Footers are optional that appear immediately after the body component.
    • Buttons: Select buttons from button type dropdown. Buttons are optional. It’s an interactive component that performs specific actions when tapped.
    • Limitations:
      • You can enter template name with lowercase, numbers & underscores &   template name field is limited to 512 characters.
      • Header Media Valid values are application/pdf, image/jpeg, image/jpg, image/png, and video/mp4.
      • Body text field is limited to 1024 characters.
      • Footer text field is limited to 60 characters.
      • You can add a total of 10 buttons in one template.
      • You can add a maximum of 2 Visit Website type buttons.
      • You can add only one Copy Offer Code & Call Phone Number type buttons.
  4. To see Template Message Preview click on the “Save & Preview” button as shown in below screenshot.
  5. To send template create requests on Facebook side click on “Save & Send” button as shown in below screenshot.
  6. You can edit the template from list view as shown in the screenshot below.

Steps of setting up Regular template

How to setup Regular WhatsApp Template ?

  1. To add Regular Template click on the “Regular Template” widget as shown in the below screenshot.
  2. Fill up all the details for the Regular template & click on “SAVE” button  as shown in the below screenshot.

How to use WhatsApp template in vTiger ?

Once a template has been approved by Facebook for WhatsApp business template OR for regular template you can access it using various places of WhatsApp Business screen inside your vTiger system.

  • Send Template message from Timeline viewtimeline-view
  • Send Template message from Workflow Automationworkflow-automation
  • Send Template message from contact conversationcontact-conversation (2)
  • Send Template message from mass messages areamass-messages-area

Updated on November 6, 2023

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