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How to Install vTiger Extension for WhatsApp Business API

Installation of WhatsApp Business Extension for version 7.X

Inorder to install WhatsApp Business extension for vTiger Please follow steps below.

1. Place an online order from here, You could choose trial and paid option as per your choice.

2. Once you place an order you will receive an email or page to download Extension ZIP to install in your vTiger Instance
license-key (1)
3. Login to your vTiger CRM system using admin credential then GoTo  Settings > CRM Settings  > Module Management >Modules > Import from Zip > check checkbox & Select zip file  > Click Import > Import Now



4. Once the WhatsApp extension is Installed  Go To  Settings > CRM Settings > other settings > Click on WhatsApp Business Configuration > Update license key received in Step#1.


5. Once License Key has been registered it will Redirect to the WhatsApp Business configuration page. Please follow the instructions below to configure and set up WhatsApp Business Integration for vTiger.

How to configure and set up WhatsApp Business Integration for vTiger.

  • Access “WhatsApp Business Configuration” from Settings > Other Settings > WhatsApp Business Configuration > Gear Iconimage
  • This is the setting page to manage various activities of WhatsApp Business within vTiger.
  • Add/Remove modules for WhatsApp Business Integration

    • Add/Remove modules to be integrated with WhatsApp to Send/Receive messages against any phone number of the module.
    • In “Access modules to WhatsApp” click on image to add modules to provide access to display WhatsApp icons to send/receive WhatsApp Business  messages.
    • Select “WhatsApp Business # field” from “Access modules to WhatsApp Business integration” to allow which fields in selected modules to be considered as  WhatsApp Business  fields.
  • WhatsApp Business module/number Access to user

    • Multiple WhatsApp # for each user
      • CRMTiger’s WhatsApp business integration allows this option for those companies who rely on a Multiple WhatsApp number configuration for each user. As well as allocate a WhatsApp number to each single user.
      • This option will display from Other Settings > WhatsApp Business configuration > Gear Icon image > Find WhatsApp Business module/number Access to user, it will display the selected list of users to get WhatsApp Business # access
    • Click on Other Settings > WhatsApp Business configuration > edit icon will open the Pop-up for Add User to use Multiple WhatsApp Business Number.
    • Using Multiple WhatsApp # configuration any user who has rights given from Settings > WhatsApp Business configuration > Click on edit icon > Find “Who uses WhatsApp Business” and Select the user from the list to get WhatsApp Business module access.
    • Users can not use WhatsApp Business Integration as admin remove the user from here
    • As per below screenshot, kevin can send messages from both the WhatsApp Business number of Admin and Tom.
    • Admin and Tom are the users who have connected numbers and they have given access to kevin to use their number. So Kevin is able to message from both the numbers.
  • How to add WhatsApp Business Account/Number/ App Id and token Access Id

    • Click on Other Settings > WhatsApp Business Configuration > Add WhatsApp Business Account/Edit icon will open the Pop-up for Add new WhatsApp Business account or edit the old configured account to use Multiple WhatsApp Business Account.
    • Once click on Add WhatsApp Business Account/ Edit icon it shows the first option as ‘Who scans WhatsApp Business’  to add the new Business account.
    • App Id: To find your App Id follow the below steps
    • You can add an App Id from the developer’s Facebook page.
    • Once you login the page click on My App
    • Once you click on My App the page will look like below screenshot, Click on your vTiger App
    • Once you click on your vTiger application, you will find your App Id
    • Whatsapp Business Account Id and User access token Id: To find Whatsapp Business Account id and User access token Id you have to follow below steps.
    • Once you have navigated to the page of My App and selected your vTiger application, go to Whatsapp > API setup. You will find your Whatsapp Business Account ID and User Access token ID  as shown in the below screenshot
  • How to setup permanent Account access token ?

    Once the token has expired, you can update your token by following the steps shown in the page link: Page link

  • Before you begin

    You must own a Facebook app that’s associated with your Business Manager to add system users. Learn how to add an app to your Business Manager.

    Add system users to your Business Manager

    • Steps to add a new system user:
      1. Go to Business settings.
      2. Below Users, click System users.
      3. Click Add new system user.
      4. Give a name to the system user and click Create system user.
      5. Assign assets such as your Pages, ad accounts and catalogues.
      6. Click Generate new tokenClick here
      7. Select your app and your permissions, then click Generate token.
      8. Copy and save your token.Remember, you can only share a token once. Each new system user requires a new generated token.
  • How to Get a Permanent Access Token?To get a permanent access token that does not expire after 23 hours, you will need to go through a few steps.Go to the Business settings of the Business your app is registered with on the Meta/Facebook Developer Dashboard. To do that, just click on the Business name that appears as a link in blue.token1Then in the Sidebar navigate to Users > System Users Click “Add”token2Add a “System Username” and choose a role.token3Click “Add Assets”token4

    Go to “Apps”, select the app and enable the “Manage App” option and save changes.


    Click “Generate Token” and choose the App you want to generate a token for.token6

    From available permissions choose “whatsapp_business_messaging” and “whatsapp_business_management” and click “Generate token”.

    token7 (1)

    Use the generated “Access token” instead of the “Temporary token” that was provided before, and use it in the “WhatsApp Settings” on the Cognigy.AI platform as an Access Token.

    Remember, you can only share a token once. Each new system user requires a new generated token.

  • General Settings

    • This option will be managed from Other Settings > WhatsApp Business Configuration > Gear Icon add-50x50 > Find General Settings.
      img6In the General Settings you can configure the Country code, WhatsApp Business Window View, Access to show Unknown Message to non-admin Users, and display the status indicating whether it is active or not.
    • Country CodeThis is an important setting before you start using WhatsApp Business integration. WhatsApp Store phone number with Country Code It means if your phone number is 6308618263 and Country code is +1 then the WhatsApp store number as “16308618263”. If you’ve a record having a phone number without a country code then follow the instructions below.
      • WhatsApp Business number without country code in Records : In this scenario, if you want to apply country code as a prefix to all “Phone numbers” of all modules where you’ve to add the country code in the general setting > country code field in WhatsApp Business configuration page. So whenever a WhatsApp message is sent out from the CRM it will add a Prefix because WhatsApp requires “Country Code” to send a message to a contact.
      • For example : If the connected phone number is “987654321” and the country code is “+1” than WhatsApp Business number becomes “1987654321”
      • Record with country code as a prefix : If you already save a record/phone number with country code then In this scenario keep the country code field “Blank”.
  • WhatsApp Business Window View

    • CRMTiger’s WhatsApp Business Integration allows their users to configure the WhatsApp Business Integration Window in Right to Left view which is mostly preferable in the middle east countries. CRMTiger by default supports the Left to Right view.
  • Show Unknown Message

    • If a WhatsApp Business message has been sent by a customer whose number is not in the CRM as a Record and if you want to allow all non-admin users to see those numbers then enable this feature. So all non-admin users can see those messages by clicking on the Global WhatsApp icon and see it under “Message from Unknown numbers”.
  • Active Status

    • This option allows you to show WhatsApp status. If you select the checkbox then it will show your status as active when you are active on WhatsApp otherwise it will not show anything.
  • Auto Message Responder

    • This option will be managed from Other Settings > WhatsApp Business Configuration > Gear Icon > Auto Message Responder
    • It is helpful to give answers to messages automatically. It means you have just written a message which will be sent automatically to the sender.
    • Customers received messages from auto responder message text automatically the first time or after 14 days of no activity.
  • Mass Message Configuration

    • This option will be manage from Other Settings > WhatsApp Business Configuration > Gear Icon   add-50x50  > find Mass Message Configuration

      • Batch size allows the user to send mass messages in a batch of messages to avoid Spamming.
      • Example : If you wish to send 500 messages and if you set a batch size 15 and Time Interval to 15 minutes. Then it will send 15 messages in each batch based on the Time Interval calculated below.
      • Time to send 500 messages = (500 messages / 15 Batch size) * 15 minutes = 500 minutes = 8 Hours Approximately.

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Updated on December 6, 2023

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