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How to Setup WhatsApp Chatbot for vTiger?

In order to install Chatbot extension for vTiger Please follow steps below.

    1. Place an online order from here, You could choose trial and paid option as per your choice.

      Note : WhatsApp Chatbot for vTiger only works if you already have WhatsApp Integration for vTiger Installed.
    2. Once you place an order you will receive an email or page to download Extension ZIP to install in your vTiger Instance.
    3. Login to your vTiger CRM system using admin credential then GoTo  Settings > CRM Settings  > Module Management >Modules > Import from Zip > check checkbox & Select zip file  > Click Import > Import Nowwa71
    4. Once License Key has been registered it will Redirect to the WhatsApp configuration page. Please follow the instructions below to configure and setup WhatsApp Integration for vTiger.
    5. To Setup License Key for WhatsApp Bot, Login to your vTiger CRM system using admin credential – Click on Chatbot Gear Icon > Click On WhatsApp Bot Icon >Click on “License settings” to update the license key received in the email.
    6. Users can set up a license key by clicking on the Edit Button.
      wa73wa74– After the Setup License key, the message will be displayed like Activated.
      wa75– Once the License key is registered successfully, it will redirect to the WhatsApp Bot Listing page.
      wa76– Users can edit or deactivate the license key from the Chatbot License Settings page by clicking on the “License Setting” button.
      wa77wa78– Once the License key is deactivated, Message will display like Deactivated.
      wa79– When the license key is already activated somewhere in another CRM, it will show “Already activated in another domain”.
      wa80– After Deactivated License key, Message will display to other users except system admin like “WhatsApp Bot license key is not set up, Please contact your administrator.”
      wa81– Once the License key has expired, Message will be displayed like “Your License Key has expired”.
      wa82– Once you follow above steps, Please Go To Other Settings > WhatsApp configuration > Gear Icon> WhatsApp # Management > “Multiple WhatsApp number for CRM”  and Activate “WhatsApp Bot” for the specific number as per the picture below.

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Updated on May 9, 2023

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