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How to use WhatsApp for VTiger 6.X ?

WhatsApp Integration with vTiger gives you the flexibility to send WhatsApp messages to your customers.

You can send WhatsApp messages to multiple records in one shot(obviously you’ve to follow WhatsApp guidelines for the same).

In addition to manually sending out messages, you can also forward automatic notifications triggered by workflows in Vtiger CRM.

Recommendation on Sending WhatsApp Messages

  • Since Watsapp is very skeptical about numbers that do bulk mailing, following is recommendations:
  • Send no more than 5-10 messages per minute, i.e. send messages in batches, not all at once.
  • Take into account the reaction of users to the message. Usually, 10 clicks on the “Spam” button
  • From the client side are enough for the number to be blocked.
  • The presence of links in messages increases the likelihood of a ban.
  • WhatsApp has no physical limit on the number of messages, as per their policy but there is a recommendation not to exceed certain messages per day. Again this will as per the WhatsApp Policy, if the number of incoming and outgoing messages is about the same, then you can send a little more than 6000.
  • Use the device on which there were no earlier bans.
  • Receive incoming messages. The more incoming messages, the better. Incoming messages are not counted in the recommendation not to exceed 6000 messages.

WhatsApp message management


Here we can see the new arrival messages count when any new message comes.

Send/receive Messages

Click on module > GoTo Record List > Open record in view There is an option to view “WhatsApp” icon, click on icon to open WhatsApp conversation with contact

WhatsApp Templates

WhatsApp Template can be accessible from various places of the WhatsApp interface in vTiger CRM like,

Setup WhatsApp Workflow

WhatsApp workflow allows sending Automated WhatsApp messages on the trigger event of any module link with the WhatsApp module.

WhatsApp Messages Logs

WhatsApp message Logs navigate to a list screen of sent WhatsApp messages which displays all sent message logs with API Request and Response.

Auto Responder Text

This option will be enabled from Other Settings > WhatsApp configuration > Settings Icon > Auto Message Responder


WhatsApp analytics accessible from WhatsApp icon on Top Right corner or click on (analytics).


We can directly disconnect the WhatsApp from Quick Access by using the Logout option.


When we click on help we redirect to the crmtiger website. (https://kb.crmtiger.com/)

Bulk / Mass message

Bulk/Mass message manage from Other Settings > WhatsApp configuration > Gear Icon > find Mass Message Configuration

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Updated on May 8, 2023

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