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How to Use WhatsApp Chatbot for vTiger?

WhatsApp chatbot for vtiger is Automated tools along with manual
send/receive message to WhatsApp contact from vTiger.

WhatsApp message management

How to set up a WhatsApp Chatbot?

Go To WhatsApp Chatbot interface: by clicking on the “Chatbot” icon, Go To creates a new Chat bot by clicking on the “Add New Bot” button.

How to create a Chatbot button?

Users can design a WhatsApp Chat button to place on your website integrated with the WhatsApp Chat Bot.

How to use WhatsApp bot template?

Users can use template from the created bot by clicking on the “Add New Bot” button, and selecting available template.

How to Build/Design Flow for WhatsApp ChatBot?

Users can set the flow according to the requirement for the Bot.

How to Convert Chat to Manual / Robotic Mode?

Clicking on this will stop automatic conversation from the Bot to the selected customer number.

How does WhatsApp Chatbot work?

Activate “Support Bot” to connect your WhatsApp Number.

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Updated on May 9, 2023

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