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How to Use WhatsApp Chatbot for vTiger?

WhatsApp chatbot for vtiger is Automated tools along with manual send/receive message to WhatsApp contact from vTiger.

How to set up a WhatsApp Chatbot?

Go To WhatsApp Chatbot interface: by clicking on the “Chatbot” icon, Go To creates a new Chat bot by clicking on the “Add New Bot” button.


  • Users can edit, duplicate and delete WhatsApp Bot by clicking on related icons.
  • Users can view the chat for that flow by clicking on the Chat log according to Bot ID.
  • Chats display the total numbers of the message conversations  for that bot from different numbers.
  • Users can see the modified date and time of the conversation for the flow which is displayed in Date of conversation column.
  • image2

How to create a Chatbot button?

  • Users can design a WhatsApp Chat button to place on your website integrated with the WhatsApp Chat Bot.image3
  • Users can create a Chatbot button for their website by clicking on the WhatsApp Bot Settings icon > WhatsApp Chat Button > WhatsApp Bot Button Setting.
  • Users have to fill in all the required details to design the Chatbot button and select the scanned number and save it.image32
  • After that user have to copy that script and paste it to their website where this Chatbot button is required to display.image33

How to use WhatsApp bot template?

  • Users can use template from the created bot by clicking on the “Add New Bot” button, and selecting available template.
  • You can use predefined templates offered by the CRMTiger team for WhatsApp. You’ve 2 options: either Create Bot from Scratch or Select template for available WhatsApp Botimage4

How to Build/Design Flow for WhatsApp ChatBot?

  • Users can set the flow according to the requirement for the Bot.image5
  • Basic:
    • Start: Use this node when you start designing the Bot flow.
    • End: Use this node when you end designing the Bot flow.
    • image6

      NOTE : Bot must start with choice question


      NOTE: After Text/Response question node, Choice question will not work to show option

  • Question/Response:
    • With this feature, users can set various types of questions in flow to Ask customer.
    • Add Condition to check it against a response from a customer in Bot.
    • Question/Response Action Settings:
      • Text/Response:
        • Message Type:
          • Regular message – This is a regular message type format sent to customers from Bot.
          • WhatsApp Response – This message type will display responses to customers in WhatsApp format.
        • Copy from Variables: Select variable to add or copy to the message which converts to actual value when sent message to customer.
        • Response Text/Question: Type a message as a response or ask a question to the customer.
        • Format: Select any format like text, number, email and date for response.
        • Note : To validate NUMBER, EMAIL, DATE format, you can use same name variable in English as “number”, “email”, “date”.

        • Response file: Send Image as response to the customer along with text.
        • Response copy to variable: Copy customer answer of question from bot to variable which can be used to store in CRM or reply to customer on various stages of Bot flow.
      • Choice Question
        • Message Type:
          • Regular message – This message type will display responses to customers in WhatsApp Regular format.
          • WhatsApp List message – This message type will display a response to customers as a WhatsApp list.
          • WhatsApp Button message – This message type will display a response to the customer in WhatsApp button format.
        • Question/Response: Add a question for the flow according to your choice.
        • Add Option: Add an option for the question according to your choice.image8
      • Condition: User can add condition for the question if it’s true then it will fire the value which is set.
        • Variable: Select a variable like number, email, date or description for the value.
        • Condition: Select the condition for the question like a value equal to 10000 etc.
        • Enter Value: Enter value according to the variable type selected.image9
    • CRM
      • CRM Action: With CRM Action You can Insert/Update/Search record To or From CRM.
        • CRM Action Setting:
          • Select an Action: Select an Action should allow the user to select various operations on CRM.
            • Create a Record – It allows you to Create record in CRM from responses from the customers.
            • Search a Record – It allows you to search records from CRM from the value pass to CRM field.
          • Modules: Select module to search/create/update record to or from CRM.
          • Assign value to vTiger fields to Create/Update/Search:
            • vTiger field – Select vTiger fields to copy value to vTiger fields from available variables.
            • Saved variables – Select available variables used to store customer’s input from chatbot’s questions.
          • Save variable(Response) from vTiger field: On create/update/search on CRM it will return selected field value to customer to be displayed in WhatsApp bot.
            • Copy to variable – Select variable type as name, email, date or description for copy variable.
            • Copy from vTiger Field – Select fields for copying variables from vTiger field.image10
        • Variables: Variables used to copy answers from customers using bot like their name, email, phone etc. This will be used to map with respected CRM fields to Add/Search/Update To or From CRM.image11
          • Add Variable Pop-up:
            • Variable Name: Enter name for Variable
            • Description: Enter Description for Variableimage12
        • Users can Clear all the added actions by clicking on the Clear option and also duplicate the created Bot from the Flow Builder.
        • Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons are also there for the flow builder.image13
        • Select the “Assigned To” user and that user scans the WhatsApp number.image14
        • Select Number for Bot” drop list will show the scanned WhatsApp number of the user according to the “Assigned To” user.
        • Select WhatsApp Number for bot from “Select Number for Bot”.
        • “Select Number for Bot” drop list will show a scanned number which is accessible to the user.
        • Enter Bot Name.
        • Add Start Node for designing bot flow.
        • Create Flow by using Question/Reponses, CRM Action, and Variables according to your business requirement.
        • Connect End Node for designing bot flow.
        • Save Bot By clicking on the “Save” button.image15
        • Enable Bot for connected WhatsApp number.image16
          Note: WhatsApp Bot will enable only for those user who has rights to scan selected WhatsApp number from Settings > WhatsApp configuration > Select Multiple WhatsApp number configuration.
          • image17

How to Convert Chat to Manual / Robotic Mode?

  • Clicking on this will stop automatic conversation from the Bot to the selected customer number.
  • If Chat is initiated for any number, then only the Chatbot icon will be displayed on the Chat timeline screen. Otherwise, the Chatbot icon will not be displayed.image18
  • If the initiated Chatbot flow ends with the conversation for the number, then the Chatbot icon will disappear for that number from the Chat timeline screen. And again if the user starts a conversation via Chatbot flow then the Chatbot icon will appear again for that number.image19
  • Bot Ideal TimeThis option will work if the user selects 5 minutes as Bot Ideal Time and Conversation mode is in Manual mode and if the user is not sending any new message within 5 minutes from last sent message then Conversation mode will change to Robotic mode automatically.User can set Bot ideal time from Click on WhatsApp Gear Icon > Click on WhatsApp Settings > Click on WhatsApp Configuration > Move to General Settings
    Note: It will automatically enable Robotic mode if the difference b/w Send Message from CRM and receive message is more than Bot Ideal Time.
  • image36

How does WhatsApp Chatbot work?

Note: It must be activated for Multiple WhatsApp Numbers for users.
  1. How does the WhatsApp Chatbot for the Support team work ?
    • Activate “Support Bot” to connect your WhatsApp Number.image20
    • When you start messaging as “Any message”, Bot will auto-respond according to the flow.image21
    • Select the “Support” choice as its set flow for that.image22
    • Enter Name, Email and Phone Number, that will create contact according to the details you entered detail as its set CRM Action in flow.image23
    • Enter your choice “To create a new ticket” or “Status of existing ticket”.image24
    • If you select “Create New Ticket” by entering the number as 1 will ask to describe your concern.
    • It will create a ticket in CRM against your concern.image25image26
    • OR If you select “Status of your existing Ticket” by enter number as 2 will ask you to enter the ticket number to show ticket status.
  2. How does the WhatsApp Chatbot for Sales team work?
    1. Activate “Sales bot” to connect your WhatsApp Number.
    2. When you start messaging as “Any message”, Bot will auto-respond according to the flow.
    3. Select the “New Project” choice as its set flow for that.
    4. Enter your amount in response to the message “What is your budget?”
    5. If you enter “10000” according to the set condition as “Number equal to 10000”, then the condition will be true so it will respond with a message as “We will set up a meeting with our Sales Team.”
    6. OR If you enter not equal to “10000” according to set condition as “Number equal to 10000”, then condition will be false so it will be responding message as “Ok Thanks. Our Sales Team will contact with you soon….”

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Updated on September 14, 2022

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