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Install VTiger Extension for version 6.X

  1. Login using Admin User Credential
  2. Click on Gear Icon Top right corner > CRM Settings > Studio > Module Manager > Import from Zip > Select zip file & check checkbox > Click Import > Accept the license Agreement > Import Now
  3. Once WhatsApp extension Installed Click on Gear Icon Top right corner > CRM Settings > Integration > Click on WhatsApp Configuration
  4. Click on WhatsApp Configuration Page will display “License key setup” page to add/edit license key provided by CRMTiger.comlicense-configuration
  5. Once License Key has been registered it will display following page to configure WhatsApp before send/received WhatsAppwhatsapp-license-configurationField information of WhatsApp configuration page.
      • APIKey : Enter API Key will be provided by CRMTiger team
      • Scan QR Code : Click on Scan QR Code and follow the instructions below in GIF Image.WhatsApp-Integration
      • Country code : This is the important setting before you start WhatsApp integration, If you’ve some record of having a phone number without country code.
        • Record without country code as a prefix : In this scenario select country code if you want to apply country code as a prefix to all “Phone number” of all modules where you’ve enabled WhatsApp Integration. So whenever a WhatsApp message sent out from CRM it will add Prefix because WhatsApp required “Country Code ” to send a message to contact.For example : If record phone number is “987654321” and country code is “+1” than WhatsApp number become “1987654321”
        • Record without country code as a prefix : In this scenarios keep country code field “Blank”
      • Allow access to users : Select users or groups under users to provide access to WhatsApp to send/receive WhatsApp messages across multiple modules.
      • Active : Allow to enable or disable access of WhatsApp from all users
  6. Allow modules to integration with WhatsApp integrationaccess-module-to-whatsapp
    • In “Access modules to WhatsApp” click onaddto add modules to provide access to display WhatsApp icons to send/receive WhatsApp messages.Select
    • “WhatsApp # field” field from “Access modules to WhatsApp” to allow which fields in selected modules to be considered as WhatsApp field.

WhatsApp user guide for vTiger 7.x

Updated on July 21, 2020

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