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How to use WhatsApp for VTiger 7.x ?

WhatsApp Integration with vTiger gives you the flexibility to send WhatsApp messages to your customers.

You can send WhatsApp messages to multiple records in one shot(obviously you’ve to follow WhatsApp guidelines for the same).

In addition to manually sending out messages, you can also forward automatic notifications triggered by workflows in Vtiger CRM.

Recommendation on Sending WhatsApp Messages

  • Since Watsapp is very skeptical about numbers that do bulk mailing, following is recommendations:
  • Send no more than 5-10 messages per minute, i.e. send messages in batches, not all at once.
  • Take into account the reaction of users to the message. Usually, 10 clicks on the “Spam” button
  • From the client side are enough for the number to be blocked.
  • The presence of links in messages increases the likelihood of a ban.
  • WhatsApp has no physical limit on the number of messages, as per their policy but there is a recommendation not to exceed certain messages per day. Again this will as per the WhatsApp Policy, if the number of incoming and outgoing messages is about the same, then you can send a little more than 6000.
  • Use the device on which there were no earlier bans.
  • Receive incoming messages. The more incoming messages, the better. Incoming messages are not counted in the recommendation not to exceed 6000 messages.

WhatsApp message management

  • Notification
    • Here we can see the new arrival messages count when any new message comes.

    • When we click on this icon it shows the latest 5 messages in the popup.
    • If you want to go to timeline view click on Show All Notification.

  • Send/receive messages
    • Send/Receive message from record.

      • Click on module > GoTo Record List > Open record in view There is an option to view “WhatsApp” icon, click on icon to open WhatsApp conversation with contact
      • Clicking on the WhatsApp icon will open the Chat window to communicate between the contact and user.
      • Through WhatsApp integration you can send,

        • Text messages
        • Files,Images (Upto limited Size based on our file upload limit)
      • You can communicate with customers only if the phone number entered in the record must be a WhatsApp number of the customer. Also “WhatsApp # field” specified correctly in “WhatsApp configuration” settings
      • “WhatsApp” uses numbers with country code so please follow the instructions mentioned in the “WhatsApp configuration” section about country code.
    • Send/Receive message from Timeline view

      • General Feature
        • New Messages notification
          • New messages in the WhatsApp Global messages area list all unread messages either from “unknown number” or “existing contact records”
          • Global WhatsApp messaging has the same option as sending/receiving message to individual records
        • Important messagesnotification
          • Important feature helps you to quickly access your WhatsApp contact which is important.
          • You can manage to move any contact under Important by simply click on Star icon to move contact under Important contact.
        • Message from unknown numbernotification
          • Unknown numbers” in WhatsApp Global messages area list all messages from “unknown number” not stored as a records in CRM
          • Unknown numbers” messaging section has same option as sending/receiving message to individual records
          • From Unknown number there is an option to Create new customer record or update “Unknown number” to existing record in vTiger.
        • Group messages
          • Allow users to chat in groups. It also allows you to message with specific chat from groups. And users can also choose different numbers to message with others.


        • Modules messagingwamsg3
          • ”Module list” in WhatsApp Timeline view area user can send/receive message against record of modules, enabled from WhatsApp Configuration in CRM
          • “Module based” messaging section has the same option as sending/receiving message to individual records along with option to manage record too.
        • Quick Action
          • Quick action in timeline view allow you to quickly access various options of WhatsApp Integration for vTiger
            • Send WhatsApp Message
            • WhatsApp Template
            • Setup WhatsApp Workflow
            • WhatsApp Messages Logs
            • Auto Responder Text
            • Analytics
            • Setup WhatsApp(Settings)


  • Send WhatsApp Message
    • It provides a facility to send WhatsApp messages on unknown or unsaved contacts. And also we can send messages from any number which are connected with one QR code.
    • Also we can attach files, photos, videos etc. by these features.
  • WhatsApp Templateswatemplate
    • WhatsApp Template can be accessible from various places of the WhatsApp interface in vTiger CRM like,
    • When sending one to one message from Recordwatemplate
    • When Sending Bulk messages from RecordListwatemplate
      Note :If you wish to send bulk messages with attachment it’s advisable to use the WhatsApp template feature.
    • When sending a message from Timeline viewwatemplate
    • When sending Automated email from Workflowwatemplate
  • Setup WhatsApp Workflow
    • WhatsApp workflow allows sending Automated WhatsApp messages on the trigger event of any module link with the WhatsApp module.


    • Automated WhatsApp messages sent to an Individual WhatsApp number or to the Group associated with a selected WhatsApp number.
      • Select “From number” to send WhatsApp from the selected WhatsApp number if more than one number is registered in the WhatsApp extension.
      • Select “Send WhatsApp to Recipient” to send a WhatsApp message to record.
      • Select “Send WhatsApp to Group” to send a WhatsApp message to the group associated with the WhatsApp number.
    • The WhatsApp workflow can configure the whatsapp messages to whom we want to send individually or in a group, whatsapp templates to share files or message format, general field, add fields and message.

  • WhatsApp Messages Logs
    • WhatsApp message Logs navigate to a list screen of sent WhatsApp messages which displays all sent message logs with API Request and Response.
  • Auto Responder Text
    • This option will be enabled from Other Settings > WhatsApp configuration > Settings Icon > Auto Message Responder
    • wamsg5

    • It is helpful to give answers to messages Automatically. It means you have just written a message which will be sent automatically to the sender.
  • Analytics

    • WhatsApp Messages
      • WhatsApp analytics accessible from WhatsApp icon on Top Right corner or click on (analytics).
      • WhatsApp analytics offer you detailed reports specifically on Bulk messages sent to your customers.
      • Bulk Message Summary
      • Message summary list all messages with the status on # of message in Queue, sent , # messages read by your contacts etc..
      • Users can Stop/Pause bulk message operation by simply click on Start/Pause button to the message those are in Queue
      • wamsg5

  • Report by message

    • By clicking on “Setup WhatsApp” we redirect to the WhatsApp configuration


  • Logout
    • We can directly disconnect the WhatsApp from Quick Access by using the Logout option.
  • Help
  • Bulk / Mass message
    • Bulk/Mass message manage from Other Settings > WhatsApp configuration > Gear Icon > find Mass Message Configuration
    • Batch size allows the user to send mass messages in a batch of messages to avoid Spamming.
    • Example : If you wish to send 500 messages and if you set a batch size 15 and Time Interval to 15 minutes. Then it will send 15 messages in each batch based on the Time Interval calculated below.
    • Example : If you wish to send 500 messages and if you set a batch size 15 and Time Interval to 15 minutes. Then it will send 15 messages in each batch based on the Time Interval calculated below.
    • Time to send 500 messages = (500 messages / 15 Batch size) * 15 minutes = 500 minutes = 8 Hours Approximately.
    • Random : Random selection dynamically select any number from 1 to 25 as a batch size when sending message to customer, It means if there is 500 messages to send and Batch Size – Random than it will send 5 messages in first Batch, 8 messages in a second Batch and so on..
    • Users can send Bulk/Mass message from RecordList of CRM for those modules which are enabled from “Allow module access” feature from WhatsApp configuration page


    • From the Record List Select more than one record then Go To More > Send WhatsApp message to send Bulk WhatsApp messages to more than one contacts.
    • User can send Bulk message now or any selected date to send message according to the time set from Send now/later option

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Updated on September 6, 2022

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