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Install VTiger Extension for version 7.X

Inorder to install WhatsApp extension for vTiger Please follow steps below. 1. Place an online order from here, You can select trial or paid option as per your choice

2. Once you place an order you will receive an email or page to download Extension ZIP to install in your vTiger Instance.

whatsapp-license-configuration3. Login to your vTiger CRM system using admin credential then GoTo  Settings > CRM Settings  > Module Management >Modules > Import from Zip > check checkbox & Select zip file  > Click Import > Import Now

4. Once the WhatsApp extension is Installed  Go TO  Settings > CRM Settings > other settings > Click on WhatsApp Configuration > Update license key received in Step#1

5. Once License Key has been registered it will Redirect to the WhatsApp configuration page. Please follow the instructions below to configure and setup WhatsApp Integration for vTiger.

WhatsApp Configuration Management

Multi Device support by WhatsApp

With the new multi-device capability, each companion device will connect to your WhatsApp account independently. Companion devices will have to be linked by scanning a QR code, and on compatible devices, WhatsApp will also enforce biometric authentication as an extra layer of security. Users will be able to see all the companion devices linked to their WhatsApp account within the app. They can also see when they were last used, and they will be able to log out remotely

Add/Remove modules for WhatsApp Integration

Add/Remove modules to be integrated with WhatsApp to Send/Receive messages against any phone number of the module.

WhatsApp module/number Access to user

CRMTiger’s WhatsApp integration allows this option for those companies who rely on a Multiple WhatsApp number configuration for each user. As well as allocate a WhatsApp number to each single user.

General Settings

This option will be managed from Other Settings > WhatsApp configuration > Gear Icon

Auto Message Responder

This option will be managed from Other Settings > WhatsApp configuration > Gear Ico

Mass Message Configuration

This option will be manage from Other Settings > WhatsApp configuration > Gear Icon

WhatsApp user guide for vTiger 7.x

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Updated on May 8, 2023

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